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Privacy Policy


Owner of the process

The owner of the process of personal data is CCI – Centro Congressi Internazionale S.r.l., which is in Turin, Via San Francesco da Paola 37, in the name of its legal representative. Any request linked to the treatment of personal data can be forwarded to the person in charge of the process, Dr. Germana Garrone, by sending an email to

Aim of the process

We receive personal data by either: all the registration procedures to congresses, events, educational activities such as distance education courses, the sending of scientific NL or by the subscription to one of the association managed by CCI.
The aims of the treatment are those written on the registration forms of all the activities organized by CCI or those originated by other companies - through commercial agreement signed with CCI or on the requests of services provided by CCI. Other aims are linked to the participation of a congress as a speaker or chairman; and other educational activities organized by CCI.
Moreover, the aims of the treatment of personal data due to the subscription as a member to one of the associations managed by CCI are those of checking the personal data to all members for social/official letters which will be sent directly by the association.
With specific authorization from the person involved, the data will be used by CCI for public relations and marketing purposes, both commercial and technical, through the sending of information over various services, scientific/commercial initiatives of CCI and/or other companies, through telephone, text messages, email and by post.

Nature of the conferment

The conferment of personal data is not compulsory, however, the refusal to the sharing will implicate, to the involved one, a restriction over the reception of important information about the participation to a congress or any other educational activity organized by CCI. Therefore, if will be impossible for CCI to give any sort of service or support to the involved person, not even the formative credits.

Methods of treatment

The personal data given are archived through computer tools which follow the security requirements asked by the rule. The data are in charge exclusively of some assigned members of the staff. The data requested for the aims explained on “Aim of the process” are exclusively intended to fulfill the required services.

Diffusion and communication

Personal data are not widespread but could be shared to others in relation to the manners of the supply system asked, if a partner is involved.
Always and only with specific authorization from the involved person, personal data will be used for the sending of technical and scientific information or other information connected with marketing activities which have the same goals of the one for which the data were given at the first time.
Once the involved person has registered itself for the required service, if he/she will be interested on asking for other services provided by CCI he/she will be able to use the same ID and PWD given the first time to enter in a reserved area where it’s possible to check and update the personal data.

Conservation of the personal data

The data will be kept until the end of the activities for which they were given and after that period they will be cancelled, if not asked differently by the involved one.

Rights of the involved

If the involved one wants to enforce its rights in accordance with the articles 7-10 of the decree-law 30/06/2003 n. 196 he/she can do so using the email address provided above.

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